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Alloboissons Group ❯ Les Vins Jules Gex

Les Vins Jules Gex

Les Vins Jules Gex SA was founded in 1900 in Bulle, since when they have built their reputation for a high quality range of more than 800 labels.

Its basic philosophy combines direct selection and import with high quality and pricing that is among the most competitive in the market.

Arrivée en gare de Bulle de 107 futs de vins pour M. Gex, négociant à Bulle, le 12 août 1905.
Line of business

Les Vins Jules Gex SA is the exclusive supplier to Alloboissons Group’s two distribution companies: Alloboissons and Halle aux Boissons.

Both companies benefit from the extensive knowledge and exclusive selections made by the oenologues of Les Vins Jules Gex.

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